The Concept'Lab


We firmly believe that every project deserves a personalised, creative approach to reflect your identity and your needs.The Concept’Lab, is our DNA, enabling us to push back the boundaries of creativity and offer innovative, sustainable, quality products.

Tailor-made for your projects!

“We wanted a company that could quickly rethink itself to adapt its offering to today’s challenges, by offering reusable, repairable and, of course, customisable products”.

Christophe RYFF, CEO

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Our Materials

From flexible to rigid, for a standard or technical project, for indoor or outdoor use, durable or temporary… Our range of materials means we can meet your needs on all types of materials.




Flexible Materiel

Re-Packed is also innovating by seeking out ever more environmentally-friendly materials!

Let's work on your projects together

At Re-Packed, we advise our customers and put their projects in the hands of technicians who are experts in their fields to design and produce projects that match your wishes.

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