Questions / Answers

Everything you always wanted to know about Re-Packed but were afraid to ask

Our team will produce your project within 5 working days of receiving your approved proof. For more complex projects, we can provide you with a production time estimate on request.

We’re sending you a document to send back to us fully completed. If you’ve mislaid it or you’re bored, you’ll find it right here.

At Re-Packed, your orders are processed as follows:

  • Envoie du devis après un point avec vous sur votre demande
  • Validation du devis, création du BAT et envoie pour validation
  • Production et conditionnement
  • À venir chercher sur place ou à vous livrer, vous choisissez !
  • Facturation et service après-vente

Once the quote has been validated, your proof is sent back to you within 48 hours. For complex quotes, the deadline varies according to the creation time required.

Our teams work on a variety of UV, Latex and OFFSET printing machines.

Our French workshop is located in the heart of Burgundy, in the wine-growing region of Auxerre. Our production workshop is ideally located just 1? hours from Paris, in a medieval town close to the A6 motorway.